One of the most experienced integrative physicians in Los Angeles for over 20 years.

He is a leader in the field of Integrative Medicine in Los Angeles and has been widely praised by physicians and patients alike. His medical skills, insight and compassion are equaled by his versatility and experience using naturopathic, eastern, and western medicine. His expertise is in creating highly personalized and effective programs for healing and optimal health with extraordinary skillfulness, sensitivity and perception.

With over 20 years of clinical practice
in Integrative Medicine.

Bioidentical Hormone replacement for over 20 years

Chinese medical acupuncture
for over 20 yrs

Certified in Chelation therapy for heart disease and heavy metal toxicity with over 15 yrs experience

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About Jennifer Katz, C.N.C, MTA

Jennifer Katz is a Certified Nutrition Consultant with a background in Functional Medical Nutrition and Metabolic Typing.  Jennifer studied post-graduate Nutrition and Nursing at New York University and completed her undergraduate work in Integrative Biology and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. 

Jennifer works with individuals on achieving optimal nutrition; a task most struggle with whether they know how to eat or not.  She does not believe in diets, but rather lifestyle modification to obtain and maintain permanent results.  Most of Jennifer’s clients work with her on weight loss & ideal body composition, detoxification & gut healing, and combatting clinical illness through targeted practical treatment and increasing overall vitality.   Whether via phone consults, visiting clients in-home, office visits, performing tutorials in the kitchen or grocery store, Jennifer aids individuals in their respective unique journeys to achieving lifestyle balance.

Jennifer honors that each individual harbors unique biochemistry, behavioral tendencies and particular lifestyle practices in advising individuals on achieving and maintaining practical systems of healthy living.  Her practice uses Nutrition as the key to optimizing the self both physically, and beyond.  Jennifer is a self-proclaimed foodie, and believes nutrition maintenance and eating should be enjoyable, above all else. 

Jennifer Specializes in:

  • Weight-loss and body composition
  • Behavioral Modification and Habit Reformation (emotional eating)
  • In-home cooking sessions, grocery shopping guidance, recipe design,
    label-reading tutorials.
  • Hormone Balancing via nutrition
  • Metabolic Syndrome: blood sugar/cholesterol regulation
  • Pre-and post-pregnancy diet plans
  • Gut healing and hypo-allergenic diet design



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